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Ban on fire in the Drammen region

As of 3.00 PM June 16, 2023, all use of fire is prohibited in the municipalities Lier, Drammen, Krødsherad, Sigdal and Øvre Eiker. The ban does not include barbecuing in your own backyard

Exceptionally dry and warm weather means that the risk of fire is now very high. Because of this, a temporary ban on all use of fire is now in effect.

The ban applies to all use of fire, such as campfires, all kinds of barbecue grills (including disposable grills), campfire pans, portable stoves, etc.

There are some exceptions: You are still allowed to barbecue in your own backyard/garden (including your apartment building’s common backyard), and larger gravelled or paved areas, such as parking lots, schoolyards, or sports areas.

If any of these areas are close to the forest or other outlying areas, barbecuing here is prohibited.

Everyone must always show care and act in a way as to prevent fires from occurring. Do not underestimate the risk of fire!

Where does the ban apply?

The temporary ban applies for Drammen, Krødsherad, Lier, Sigdal and Øvre Eiker municipalities. This means that you can’t use fire anywhere in these municipalities – including the forest, parks or at the beach – apart from the exceptions mentioned above.

Anyone who intentionally or negligently violates this ban can be punished with a fine or imprisonment, according to § 42 of the Fire and Explosion Protection Act.

No bonfires on Midsummer

Bonfires on Midsummer’s eve on June 23rd are now prohibited.

Tips for fire prevention

Stub out your cigarette at a suitable place, and make sure that the cigarette is fully extinguished before you dispose of it.

Be careful when you use barbecue grills and other equipment that may cause fire, especially on balconies, terraces and in gardens.

Keep fire extinguishers readily available.

Businesses should assess the risk

We also urge businesses in certain lines of work, e.g. forestry, maintenance work on power lines, roads or railways, or other similar types of activities that may produce sparks/heat, to assess the risk of fire and establish measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


The temporary ban is in effect until July 31, 2023. The use of fire in or near forest areas will still be prohibited after this time. You’ll find updated information on the current rules on drbv.no.

Emergency number: 110

If you discover fire, or suspect that there’s a fire – call emergency number 110!